Nios® V Processor Reference Manual

ID 683632
Date 6/30/2022

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4. Document Revision History for the Nios® V Processor Reference Manual

Document Version Intel® Quartus® Prime Version IP Version Changes
2022.06.30 22.1 21.2.0 Added new section Reset and Debug Signals.
2022.03.28 21.4 21.1.1 Updated RISC-V based Debug Module section with details for Nios® V processor.
2021.12.13 21.4 21.1.1 Updated IP version and Intel® Quartus® Prime version.
2021.11.15 21.3 21.1.0 Edited Table: Architecture Performance in Section: Processor Performance Benchmarks.
  • Change CoreMark to CoreMark/MHz Ratio and updated the value to 0.32148.
2021.10.04 21.3 21.1.0 Initial release.