Low Latency 40- and 100-Gbps Ethernet MAC and PHY MegaCore Function User Guide

ID 683628
Date 12/28/2017
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Give Feedback External Time-of-Day Module for 1588 PTP Variations

Low Latency 40-100GbE IP cores that include the 1588 PTP module require an external time-of-day (TOD) module to provide the current time-of-day in each clock cycle, based on the incoming clock. The TOD module must update the time-of-day output value on every clock cycle, and must provide the TOD value in the V2 format (96 bits) or the 64-bit TOD format, or both.

The example project you can generate for your IP core PTP variation includes two TOD modules, one for the RX MAC and one for the TX MAC, and demonstrates their connections to the IP core.