Serial Flash Mailbox Client Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683509
Date 4/10/2023

Response Codes

The response code for each command along with read data, if applicable. Read the Rsp_status field of the STATUS register bit to determine if the command completed without errors.
Table 4.  Error Codes
Value (Hex) Error Code Response Description
0 OK

Indicates that the command completed successfully.

A command may erroneously return the OK status if a command, is partially successful. For example, if a read operation fails after returning some data.

1 INVALID_COMMAND Indicates that the command is incorrectly formatted.
2 UNKNOWN_BR Indicates that the command code is not understood.
3 UNKNOWN Indicates that the currently loaded firmware cannot decode the command code.
4 INVALID_COMMAND_PARAMETERS The length or indirect setting in header is not valid. Or the command data is invalid.
5 COMMAND_INVALID_ON_SOURCE Command is from a source for which it is not enabled.
6 CLIENT_ID_NO_MATCH Indicates that the Client ID requesting quad SPI or SD MMC access does not have exclusive access.
7 INVALID_ADDRESS The address is invalid. This error indicates one of the following conditions:
  • An unaligned address
  • An address range problem
  • A read permission problem
8 TIMEOUT The command timed out.
9 HW_NOT_READY The hardware is not ready. Can indicate either an initialization or configuration problem.
100 NOT_CONFIGURED Indicates that the device is not configured.
1FF ALT_SDM_MBOX_RESP_DEVICE_BUSY Indicates that the device is busy.
2FF ALT_SDM_MBOX_RESP_NO_VALID_RESP_AVAILABLE Indicates that there is no valid response available.