Serial Flash Mailbox Client Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683509
Date 4/10/2023

Generating the Configuration Bitstream

Use the Programming File Generator to generate configuration bitstream.
  1. On the Intel® Quartus® Prime File menu select Programming File Generator.
  2. For Device family specify Intel® Stratix® 10 .
  3. For Configuration mode specify Active Serial x4
  4. On the Output Files tab, select the JTAG Indirect Configuration File (.jic) output file type.
    Figure 7. Output Files Tab
  5. On the Input Files tab, click Add Bitstream and browse to your .sof.
    Figure 8. Input Files Tab
  6. On the Configuration Device tab select Add Device and select your device from the list of flash devices.
  7. Click Generate to generate the configuration bitstream.