Early Power Estimator User Guide

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Date 7/16/2021
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3.13.3. Power Breakout for Multiple Voltage Supplies

For VCCIO and VCCPD, the minimum current requirement reported for ICCIO and ICCPD respectively has the same value for each voltage rail used in your design.

These values are based on all I/O pins in the device being powered by the same voltage rail, thus the minimum current requirement is repeated for each unique voltage rail used by VCCIO and VCCPD.

To better estimate the minimum current requirements for ICCIO and ICCPD based on your device and design usage, you can use the following equations:
  • [(Number of I/O pins powered by VCCIO voltage) / (number of total I/O pins in the device)] × (Minimum supply current) × (1.10)
  • [(Number of I/O pins powered by VCCPD voltage) / (number of total I/O pins in the device)] × (Minimum supply current) × (1.10)

Repeat the formula for each VCCIO voltage and VCCPD voltage used in your design. The number of I/O pins powered by VCCIO and VCCPD voltage represents the count of both used and unused I/O pins in I/O banks powered by a particular voltage. The minimum supply current is the value provided in the power estimation tools for ICCIO and ICCPD.

The 1.10 scaling factor is provided as additional guardband and must be included for your power estimation.

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