Early Power Estimator User Guide

ID 683272
Date 7/16/2021
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3.11. IP Worksheet

The IP worksheet is an IP design entry feature that automatically fills in resource usage of commonly used IP designs , automatically allocates appropriate resources for the selected IP and calculates power consumption.

The IP worksheet is not available for MAX 10 devices.

Each row in the IP worksheet represents a separate IP domain. For the EPE spreadsheet version 11.0 and later, supported IPs are external memory interfaces (EMIs), including DDR2 and DDR3, QDR II, and RLDRAM II in different configurations (for example, x9, x18, x36, and x72).

Enter the following parameters for each IP domain:

  • Type of IP
  • Data width in bits
  • Clock frequency (in MHz)
  • Enable percentage
  • Total power in watts
Figure 25. IP Worksheet of the EPE Spreadsheet
Table 17.  IP Worksheet Information
Column Heading Description
Module Specify a name for the module in this column. This is an optional value.
IP Select a supported IP type for a specific device family. Each device family has different supported IPs.
Data Width (Bits) The interface data width of the specific IP (in bits).
Clock Freq (MHz) This shows the clock frequency based on the IP type selected. This value is automatically selected.
Enable % Enter the percentage of enable for the selected IP. The range allowed is from 0% (off) to 100% (fully enabled).
Total Power (W) Total power consumed by the selected IP. This value is automatically calculated.
User Comments Enter any comments. This is an optional entry.