Early Power Estimator User Guide

ID 683272
Date 7/16/2021
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3.12. HPS Worksheet

The HPS worksheet is only applicable to Arria V and Cyclone V device families with HPS. The HPS static power will be turned on once the SoC device is selected.

Figure 26. HPS Worksheet of the EPE Spreadsheet
Table 18.  HPS Worksheet Information
Module Parameters Description
CPU1/2 Frequency Enter the operating frequency of the CPU.

Select the available benchmark application.

To make changes to user mode utilization, select custom application. Total User mode utilization (ALU +L1 + L2 +SDRAM_READ +SDRAM_WRITE) must be < 100% per core.

Application Mode Select the available application mode. This setting is only applicable to some applications.
SDRAM Frequency Enter the operating frequency of the selected DDR protocol used.
Type Select the DDR protocol used.
Data Width Select the width of the data lines (in bits).
Peripherals Usage Select On for module in use. Turn on the appropriate voltage for one of the I/O banks before selecting the module.
Voltage Select the voltage used for this module.