Early Power Estimator User Guide

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Date 7/16/2021
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3.10. HMC Worksheet

The EPE spreadsheet version 11.1 introduces the HMC worksheet. Each row in the HMC worksheet represents a single instance of the HMC interface. Enter the information for HMC instances in different rows, even if some of the HMC instances have the same configuration. Specify the following information for each HMC instance:

  • Clock frequency (in MHz)
  • DRAM interface width
  • Number of command port
  • Fabric interface width

The HMC worksheet is only applicable to Arria V and Cyclone V device families with HMC controllers.

Figure 24. HMC Worksheet of the EPE Spreadsheet
Table 16.  HMC Worksheet Information
Column Heading Description
Module Specify a name for the HMC module in this column. This is an optional value.
Clock Freq (MHz) Enter the clock frequency (in MHz). This value is limited by the maximum frequency specification for the device family.
DRAM Interface Width Enter the memory interface width used in this module. The memory interface width is the number of DQ pins of the memory device.
Number of Command Port Enter the number of fabric interface command ports used in this module. The fabric interface command port is configured to accept both read and write commands, write only, or read only.
Fabric Interface Width Enter the number of fabric interface data ports used in this module. The fabric interface width is the number of data ports that transfer data signals from the FPGA fabric to the HMC and vice versa.
Total Power (W) Total power dissipation due to HMC distribution (in watts). This value is automatically calculated.
User Comments Enter any comments. This is an optional entry.

For more information about the HMCs of the supported device families, refer to the "External Memory Interfaces" chapter of the respective device handbook.