SDI II Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683133
Date 4/09/2024
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5.4.6. Intel FPGA Video Streaming Interface

This IP can optionally transport video using the Intel FPGA streaming video protocol, which uses the industry standard AXI4-Stream protocol with extensions for transporting metapacket and active video data.

It allows interfacing to Intel FPGA Video and Vision Processing (VVP) Suite IPs or other AXI4-Stream compliant third-party video IPs.

Note: This feature is only available for Agilex™ 7 F-Tile device.
Figure 33. SDI II IP Core with Intel FPGA Video Streaming Interface

When the Enable active video data protocols parameter is set to AXIS-VVP Full, the AXI4-Stream to Clocked Video Converter (AXI2CV) and Clocked Video to AXI4-Stream Converter (CV2AXI) submodules are instantiated as part of the SDI II TX and RX IP subsystem, respectively. The AXI2CV converts the video data from AXI4-Stream format (full variant) to clocked video format while the CV2AXI converts the video data from clocked video format to AXI4-Stream format (full variant).

The Intel FPGA video streaming interface is only available when Video standard parameter is set to “Multi rate (up to 12G-SDI)”. The AXI4-Stream Video In and Out interfaces support 2 pixels in parallel, 3 color planes per pixel and parameterizable 10 and 12 bits per color sample. This means the AXI4-Stream Video In and Out interfaces that running at 300 MHz can support active video resolutions up to 4096x2160 at 60 Hz and chroma sampling formats up to 4:4:4 at 12 bits.