SDI II Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683133
Date 4/09/2024
Document Table of Contents

1. SDI II Intel® FPGA IP Quick Reference

Updated for:
Intel® Quartus® Prime Design Suite 24.1
IP Version 19.5.0

The Serial Digital Interface (SDI) II Intel® FPGA IP is the next generation SDI IP core.

The SDI II Intel® FPGA IP core is part of the Intel® FPGA IP Library, which is distributed with the Quartus® Prime software and downloadable from the Intel website.

Note: For system requirements and installation instructions, refer to the Intel FPGA Software Installation & Licensing manual.
Table 1.  Brief Information About the SDI II Intel® FPGA IP Core
Information Description
IP Core Information SDI Data Rate Support
  • 270-Mbps SD-SDI, as defined by SMPTE ST 259 specification
  • 1.485-Gbps or 1.4835-Gbps HD-SDI, as defined by SMPTE ST 292 specification
  • 2.97-Gbps or 2.967-Gbps 3G-SDI, as defined by SMPTE ST 424 specification
  • 5.94-Gbps or 5.934-Gbps 6G-SDI, as defined by SMPTE ST 2081 specification
  • 11.88-Gbps or 11.868-Gbps 12G-SDI, as defined by SMPTE ST 2082 specification
  • Automatic detection of SDI standards and video transport formats
  • Payload identification packet (ST 352) insertion and extraction
  • Cyclical redundancy check (CRC) encoding and decoding (except SD)
  • Line number (LN) insertion and extraction (except SD)
  • Framing and extraction of video timing signals
  • Dual link HD-SDI data stream synchronization (except SD)
  • 3G-SDI with data mapped by ST 425-x mapping
  • 6G-SDI with data mapped by ST 2081-x mapping
  • 12G-SDI with data mapped by ST 2082-x mapping
  • 20-bit interface support for SD-SDI
  • Dynamic TX clock switching to support integer and fractional video frame rates
  • Optional Intel® FPGA video streaming interface
  • Digital video equipment
  • Mixing and recording equipment
Device Family Support Agilex™ 7 F-Tile, Arria® 10, Cyclone® 10 GX, Stratix® 10 (L-Tile and H-Tile), Arria V, Arria V GZ, Cyclone® V, and Stratix® V FPGA device families.
Design Tools
  • IP Catalog in the Quartus® Prime software for design creation and compilation
  • Questa* Intel® FPGA Edition, ModelSim SE* , Riviera-PRO* , VCS* / VCS* MX, and Xcelium* Parallel simulator software for design simulation or synthesis using Quartus® Prime tool