SDI II Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683133
Date 10/08/2021

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Document Table of Contents Reconfiguration Management

The reconfiguration management block (sdi_ii_ed_reconfig_mgmt.v and sdi_ii_reconfig_logic.v) contains the reconfiguration user logic (a finite state machine) to determine the bits that needs to be modified, and selects the correct data to be written to the appropriate transceiver register through streamer module mode 1. It also provides handshaking between the SDI receiver and the transceiver reconfiguration controller. In this design, each reconfiguration block must interface with only one transceiver reconfiguration controller.

During the reconfiguration process, the logic first reads the data from the transceiver register that needs to be reconfigured and stores the data temporarily in a local register. Then, the logic overwrites only the appropriate bits of the data with predefined values and write the modified data to the transceiver register. Since only one transceiver register can be accessed at a time, the whole process repeats when reconfiguring other registers.

For multiple SDI channels reconfiguration, the logical channel number needs to be set appropriately for each channel and reconfiguration interface. For example, in the design example and simulation testbench figure, there are one SDI duplex, one SDI RX, and one SDI TX block. The number of reconfiguration interface for SDI duplex is 2 (one for channel and one for TX PLL), for SDI RX is 1 (for channel), for SDI TX is 2 (one for channel and one for TX PLL). The total number of reconfiguration interface required in the transceiver reconfiguration controller is 5.

The table below lists the channel and transceiver reconfiguration controller interface numbers.

The logical channel number for the receiver in SDI duplex is 0 and the logical channel number for SDI RX is 2. The generated example design entity demonstrates this interface connection.

Table 27.  Channel Numbers Setting for Multiple SDI Channels Reconfiguration
SDI Block SDI Channel Number Transceiver Reconfiguration Controller Interface Number
SDI Duplex 0 0 and 1
SDI RX 1 2
SDI TX 1 3 and 4