AN 775: Generating Initial I/O Timing Data and I/O Element Delays for Intel FPGAs

ID 683103
Date 12/09/2021

2. Generating I/O Element Delay Information for Intel FPGAs

You can generate I/O element (IOE) delay information for Intel FPGA devices using the current version of Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition software GUI or Tcl commands.
Note: The Tcl script-based method is available only for Linux platforms.

You can specify a different input delay for pin in your design from the pin-to-input register, or a delay from the output register-to-output pin values. This capability allows you to ensure that the signals within a bus have the same delay going into or out of the device. For detailed descriptions of the various IOE structures in different FPGA devices, refer to the FPGA device documentation in related links.

Generating IOE delay information includes the following steps in the flow:

Figure 10. IOE Delay Information Generation Flow