Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Design Recommendations

ID 683082
Date 9/26/2022

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Document Table of Contents Design Assistant Waiver Dialog Box

You can define and apply waivers to Design Assistant rule violations that are not of concern in the Design Assistant Waiver dialog box.

The following table shows the Design Assistant Waiver dialog box options:

Table 5.  Design Assistant Waiver Dialog Box Options
Setting Description
Rule conditions Automatically specifies the alphanumeric Rule ID and Compiler Stage of the rule violation.
Violation conditions Specifies the conditions that define a rule violation waiver. The default Violation conditions automatically reflect the currently selected rule violation from the report. The available condition attributes are context-sensitive:
  • ==is equal to
  • != is not equal to
  • < is less than
  • > is greater than
  • <= is less than or equal to
  • >= is greater than or equal to
  • ! is a negative unary operator for boolean expressions
  • =~—string contains
  • !~—string does not contain
The join operators between conditions are always AND.
Add Condition Click the Add Condition button to add more conditions to the rule waiver definition. Clicking the button adds a condition of default type.
Owner Specifies the waiver owner's ID.
Tag Specifies an identifying tag for the rule waiver.
Description Required value that specifies a text description of the waiver for tracking and identifying.
Preview button Previews the rule violations waived during the next Design Assistant run in the Waived by the waiver field.
Waived violations by the waiver Upon clicking the Preview button, lists the rule violations that are waived during the next Design Assistant run.
All violations Lists all violations of the currently selected Design Assistant rule.