Intel Agilex® 7 Variable Precision DSP Blocks User Guide

ID 683037
Date 10/02/2023
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8.3.2. General 2 Tab

Table 99.   General 2 Tab
Parameter Value Default Value Description
Datab Input
Does the 'datab' input bus have a constant value?
  • No

  • Yes

No Select Yes to specify the constant value of the ‘datab’ input bus, if any.
Value Any value greater than 0 0 Specify the constant value of datab[] port.
Multiplication Type
Which type of multiplication do you want?
  • Unsigned

  • Signed

Unsigned Specify the representation format for both dataa[] and datab[] inputs.
Implementation Style
Which multiplier implementation should be used?
  • Use the default implementation

  • Use the dedicated multiplier circuitry

  • Use logic elements

Use the default implementation

Select the desired method to determine the width of the result[] port.

When SCLR is selected for Clear Signal Type parameter, only Use the dedicated multiplier circuitry option is available.