AN 793: Intel® Arria® 10 DisplayPort 4Kp60 with Video and Image Processing Pipeline Retransmit Reference Design

ID 683020
Date 6/13/2017

Rebuilding the Nios II Software

If you change the Nios II software, you can rebuild the software using the Nios II command shell.

At the command shell, navigate to the script directory in the reference design project folder, and type ./

If you make any changes to the connection or components in the top-level Qsys system (dp_core.qsys), DisplayPort RX subsystem (dp_rx.qsys), DisplayPort TX subsystem (dp_tx.qsys), or VIP subsystem (vip.qsys), click Generate HDL at the top-level Qsys system and then perform a full compilation.

Because the sopcinfo file is updated after the Qsys system is regenerated, you can rebuild the Nios II software while the full compilation is in progress.