Intel® Advisor User Guide

ID 766448
Date 12/16/2022

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Vectorization Accuracy Presets

For each perspective, Intel® Advisor has several levels of collection accuracy. Each accuracy level is a set of analyses and properties that control what data is collected and the level of collection details. The higher accuracy value you choose, the higher runtime overhead is added.

The following accuracy levels are available:

Comparison / Accuracy Level






5 - 8x

10 - 40x


Get basic insights about how well your application is vectorized and how you can improve vectorization efficiency

Get more insights about how well your application is vectorized and the number of iterations in loops/functions

Get detailed insights about your application performance, including performance issues and detailed optimization recommendations



Survey + Characterization (Trip Counts)

Survey + Characterization (Trip Counts, FLOP, Call Stacks) + Memory Access Patterns


Basic Survey report

Survey report extended with trip count data

Extended Survey report with trip counts and floating-point and integer operations (FLOP and INTOP)

Memory Access Patters with memory traffic data and memory usage issues

You can choose custom accuracy and set a custom perspective flow for your application. For more information, see Customize Vectorization and Code Insights Perspective.

There is a variety of techniques available to minimize data collection, result size, and execution overhead. Check Minimize Analysis Overhead.