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Date 12/16/2022

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Error Message: Application Sets Its Own Handler for Signal


When you run a Survey or a Suitability analysis, the following error message appears: Application sets its own handler for signal <conflicting_signal> that is used for internal needs of the tool. Collection cannot continue.

This message is for Linux* OS only.


Intel® Advisor cannot profile applications that set up a signal handler for a signal used by the tool.

Possible Solution

This solution is applicable only to the Survey and Suitability analyses.

Do one of the following:

  • When collecting data with advisor command line interface (CLI), pass the --run-pass-thru=--profiling-signal=<not_used_signal> option, where <not_used_signal> is the signal that should not be used by your application. You need to select the signal from SIGRTMIN..SIGRTMAX. For example, for the matrix multiply (mmult) application:

    advisor --collect=survey --run-pass-thru=--profiling-signal=35 -- ./mmult
  • Before collecting data from the Intel Advisor GUI or CLI, set the environment variable ADVIXE_RUNTOOL_OPTIONS=-- profiling-signal=<not_used_signal>.

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