Intel® VTune™ Profiler

User Guide

ID 766319
Date 3/22/2024

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Toolbar: Configure Analysis

Use the Intel® VTune™ Profiler command toolbar in the Configure Analysis window to access the project configuration options, manage your data collection (start, pause, resume, and so on) and analysis result (re-resolve, import).

The command toolbar shows up when you use one of the following options:

  • Click the (standalone GUI)/ (Visual Studio IDE) Configure Analysis button on the product toolbar.

  • Windows* only: From the Microsoft Visual Studio* Tools > Intel VTune Profiler <version> menu, select the Configure Analysis option.

  • From the standalone interface menu, select New > Analysis....

The VTune Profiler result tab opens providing the command bar on the right. The command bar is dynamically changing depending on the analysis phase. The following commands are available:

Use This Command Button

To Do This


Run the analysis, or resume the analysis after a pause. To enable this button:

  • Select a system for analysis on the WHERE pane

  • Specify an analysis target on the WHAT pane. If you work in Visual Studio, the project target is automatically associated with the current project.

  • Select an analysis type on the HOW pane.

Start Paused

Launch the application but run the analysis after some delay. To resume the analysis, click the Resume button.


Pause the data collection any time you need while the application is running. To resume the data collection, click the Resume button


Stop the data collection. This button is only enabled during collection.


Cancel the data collection. This button is only enabled during collection.

Mark Timeline

Mark an important moment in the application execution. These marks appear in the Timeline pane. This button is only enabled during collection.

Search Sources/Binaries

Open the search dialog box with the Binary/Symbol Search tab to specify search directories for binary and symbol files in your project and the Source Search tab to specify search directories for source files in your project.


Finalize the result again. This button shows up on the command bar when you try to run the target after changes in the search directories settings.

Import from CSV

Import external performance data into a VTune Profiler result as a csv file. You may collect the external performance data with a custom collector out of the VTune Profiler or with your target application used for the VTune Profiler analysis.

Command Line

Generate a command line version of the selected configuration and save it to the buffer for running from a terminal window. You can use this approach to configure and run your remote application analysis.