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Date 3/22/2024

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Re-finalize Results from Command Line

Results are finalized during collection by default, but sometimes finalization is suppressed, or a result that was finalized needs to be re-resolved. Here are some of the possible reasons:

  • The no-auto-finalize action-option may be used to suppress finalization when performing the collect action. In this case, the finalize action must be performed before the result can be viewed or used to generate a report.

  • Finalization may not have completed successfully. If you open the result in the GUI and see question marks or other unexpected characters, the usual cause is that vtune could not find all the source, binary and symbol files. When re-finalizing the result, use the search-dir action-option and make sure to specify all search directories.


Raw collector data is used to re-finalize a result. If the collect action is performed with the discard-raw-data option, so that the raw data is deleted after the initial finalization, the result cannot be re-finalized.

Re-Finalize a Result

To force result re-finalization, run the finalize action using this general syntax:

vtune -finalize -result-dir <result_path> -search-dir <search_path>


<result_path> is the result directory and <search_path> is the search directory. Use the -search-dir option to specify directories for searching symbol and binary files.


This example re-finalizes the r001hs result, searching for symbol files in the specified search directory.

vtune -finalize -result-dir r001hs -search-dir /home/import/system_modules 

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