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ID 766319
Date 3/22/2024

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PS EU Active %

The metric PS EU Active % represents the percentage of overall GPU time that the EUs were actively executing Pixel Shader instructions.

This metric is important if pixel shading seems to be the bottleneck for selected rendering calls.

Possible Issues

  • IfPS EU Active % is 50%, it means that half of the overall GPU time was spent actively executing Pixel Shader instructions.

  • If PS EU Active % is 0%, it means that no Pixel Shader was associated with the selected draw calls, or that the amount of time actively executing Pixel Shader instructions was negligible.

To improve performance:

  • If PS EU Active % accounts for most of the EU active time, then to improve performance you may need to simplify the pixel shader.
  • If PS EU Active % is larger than you would expect and you are encountering slow rendering times, you should examine the pixel shader code for potential reasons why these stalls may be occurring.