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ID 766319
Date 3/22/2024

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Specify which data to include or exclude.

GUI Equivalent

Toolbar: Filter


-filter <column_name> [= | !=]<value>





Column to which this filter will apply.


Program unit name to be filtered in or out.

Actions Modified



Use the filter option to include or exclude data from a report based on the specified column_name, the = or != operator, and the value for that column.

To display a list of available filter attributes for a particular report, use vtune -report <report_name> -r <result_dir> filter=? option. If you do not specify a result directory, the latest result is used by default.


Generate a hotspots report on Linux* from the specified hotspots result that only includes data from the appname process. Data from other processes is excluded. This report is sent to stdout.

vtune -report hotspots -filter process=appname -result-dir /temp/test/r001hs

Generate a hotspots report from the most recent hotspots for all modules except foo, and save it as a text file in the specified directory on Windows*.

vtune -R hotspots -filter module!=foo -report-output C:\Test\report.txt

Obtain a list of filters available for the hw-events report for a Microarchitecture Exploration analysis result on Linux:

vtune -report hw-events -r /temp/test/r029ue/r029ue filter=?
vtune: Using result path '/temp/test/r029ue/r029ue'

Available values for '-filter' option are:
basic-block : Basic Block
basic-block-only : Basic Block
function-only : Function
function-mangled : Function
module : Module
module-path : Module Path
process : Process
thread-id : TID
process-id : PID
source-file : Source File
source-line : Source Line
source-file-path : Source File Path
thread : Thread
function-callstack : Function
function-parent-callstack : Function
callstack : Call Stack
callstack-address : Call Stack
no-attr-callstack : Call Stack
cpuid : Logical Core
address : Code Location
function-start-address : Start Address
function : Function
source-function : Source Function
package : Package