Intel® VTune™ Profiler

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ID 766319
Date 3/22/2024

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Problem: GUI Hangs or Crashes


You may face the Intel® VTune™ Profiler GUI hangs during symbol resolution in the finalization process. This typically results from retrieving or processing large .pdb files. If you run the VTune Profiler from Microsoft* Visual Studio* IDE, it automatically uses the Visual Studio settings to find symbol files and any additional paths provided in the VTune Profiler's search settings. If the VTune Profiler uses a symbol server, the module resolution can be slow if it has to wait for updates. Some .pdb files can be large and take time to resolve.

There are also some processes that can interfere with the VTune Profiler collection and finalization, such as virus scanners and synchronization/back-up utilities. Virus scanners can cause problems in the process the VTune Profiler uses for software-based analysis types, such as Threading. Some synchronization utilities can also cause finalization to fail if they try to back up a file while the VTune Profiler is processing it.

Crashes during the collection are rare but may happen in some situations, for example, if the VTune Profiler tries to instrument or attach to a privileged process or service that is not accessible to it.


To workaround a problem with GUI hangs during finalization, consider the following:

  • If symbols for system libraries are necessary for your analysis, use a local cache instead of a symbol server, such as the location defined for Visual Studio.

  • Remove large pdb files from the search directories provided to the VTune Profiler if they are not the focus of your analysis.

  • Exclude the pin.exe process from your virus scanner, or disable the virus scanner while running the VTune profiler collection.

  • Pause synchronization and/or back-up utilities until the finalization is complete.

To prevent a possible crash for the VTune Profiler accessing processes with elevated privileges, run the VTune Profiler as administrator. You can also configure the VTune Profiler to profile specific modules in the Advanced section of the WHAT pane.