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Date 3/22/2024

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Specify substrings for the column names to display only corresponding columns in the report.

GUI Equivalent

Toolbar: Command




<string> - Full name of the column or its substring.

Actions Modified

report , report-output


Filter in the report to display only data columns (typically corresponding to performance metrics or hardware events) with the specified <string> in the title. For example, specify -column=Total to view only Total metrics in the report. Columns used for data grouping are always displayed.

To display a list of columns available for a particular report, type: vtune -report <report_name> -r <result_dir> -column=?.


Display grouping and data columns only for event columns with the *INST_RETIRED.* string in the title:

vtune -R hw-events -r r000ue -column=INST_RETIRED.

Obtain a list of columns available for the hw-events report for a Microarchitecture Exploration analysis result on Linux*:

vtune -report hw-events -r /temp/test/r029ue/r029ue -column=?
vtune: Using result path '/temp/test/r029ue/r029ue'

Available values for '-column' option are:
Hardware Event Count:UOPS_RETIRED.ALL_PS:Self
Function (Full)
Source File
Module Path
Start Address