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ID 766319
Date 3/22/2024

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Error Message: Cannot Enable Event-Based Sampling Collection


Intel® VTune™ Profiler cannot access the PMU resources in the virtualization environment since either the PMU resources are made unavailable through BIOS options or Hyper-V has been activated on an unsupported platform.

Known System Limitations

  • The sampling-based performance profiling on Hyper-V has only been available since Windows 10 RS3 release (version 1709) or later. Check your Windows OS version to make sure the VTune Profiler can run on the system:

    > winver

    For example, Version 1709 indicates that the supported Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (RedStone3) is running on the system:

  • The Hyper-V allows the sampling-based performance profiling on the latest generation of Intel microarchitectures code named Skylake and Goldmont onward. VTune Profiler will not be able to work in the Hyper-V environment running on Intel microarchitectures code named Haswell or Broadwell.


To enable hardware event-based sampling collection for systems prior to Windows 10 RS3, do the following:

  • Enable access to the PMU resources through BIOS options (if it was disabled manually).

  • Disable the Hyper-V feature as follows:

    1. From the Start menu select Search > Settings > Turn Windows features on or off to open the Windows Features window.

    2. Make sure to disable the Hyper-V feature and its sub-features and restart the system.

    3. If the Hyper-V feature is not disabled even after the system reboot, you must disable the BIOS VMX (virtualization feature) if it was not turned off already.

To troubleshoot hardware event-based sampling collection problems for Windows 10 RS3, make sure you have the Credential Guard and Device Guard security features disabled on your system.