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Date 3/22/2024

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Use VTune Profiler Server in Containers

Intel® VTune™ Profiler Server offers additional command line interface options that help make its usage in containerized environments more convenient.

These command line options are designed to trigger certain actions inside VTune Profiler Server in order to make it more convenient to run VTune Profiler Server inside a container.

All of these options apply to the vtune-backend binary.

Custom Base URL

You can use the --base-url option to request a custom base URL to access VTune Profiler Server. This option can be useful when a static port is required for VTune Profiler Server access while running VTune Profiler Server inside a Docker* container.



Usage Example:

  1. Enable SSH port forwarding on the host:
    ssh -L <ssh host name>
  2. Run VTune Profiler Server with custom URL and port:
    vtune-backend --web-port=8080 --base-url=

    VTune Profiler Server prints out a URL in the format<token>, which clients can use to access the server.

Usage Statistics Collection

Allow or decline the collection of usage statistics for the Intel® Software Improvement Program from the command line.

Use This To Do This
--usage-statistics-opt-in Allow the collection of usage statistics
--usage-statistics-opt-out Do not allow the collection of usage statistics
--print-usage-statistics-agreement Print agreement text for the Intel Software Improvement Program

Suppress Automatic Help Tours

VTune Profiler automatically activates the interactive help tour the first time VTune Profiler is started.

Use the --suppress-automatic-help-tours option to prevent VTune Profiler from showing help tours on first start.

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