Intel® VTune™ Profiler

User Guide

ID 766319
Date 3/22/2024

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Pane: Options - General

To access this pane:

In the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE, click the pull-down menu next to the Open VTune Profiler icon () and select Options:

From the standalone VTune Profiler interface: Click the menu button and select Options... > Intel VTune Profiler version > General.

The following options are available:

Use This

To Do This

Application output destination options

Choose the location for the output of the analyzed application:

  • Product output window: Direct the application output to the Application Output pane in the Collection Log window.

  • Separate console window: Direct the application output to a separate console window (default).

  • Microsoft Visual Studio* output window: View the application output in the Microsoft Visual Studio* output window. Use this option to see the output during the analysis.

Remove raw collector data after resolving the result check box

Enable/disable removing raw collector data after finalizing the result. Removing raw data makes the result file smaller but prevents future re-finalization.

Display verbose messages in the Collection Log window check box

Enable/disable detailed collection status messages in the Collection Log window. Make sure to re-open the result to apply this change.

Show all applicable viewpoints check box

Display all applicable viewpoints in the viewpoint selector for every analysis type.

Specify path to the adb executable field

Specify the path to the adb executable used to access an Android* device for analysis with the VTune Profiler.