F-Tile Architecture and PMA and FEC Direct PHY IP User Guide

ID 683872
Date 4/01/2024
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3.4.7. RX PMA Status Signals

Table 51.  RX PMA Status SignalsRefer to Variables Defining Bits for the Interfacing Ports in Port and Signal Reference for variable definitions.
Signal Name Clocks Domain/Resets Direction Description
fgt_rx_signal_detect[N-1:0] asynchronous output FGT RX signal detect indicator.
fgt_rx_signal_detect_lfps[N-1:0] asynchronous output

Indicates SATA low frequency periodic signaling (LFPS) signal detection.

rx_is_lockedtoref[N-1:0] asynchronous output CDR lock status signal.
  • 1’b1 – CDR is frequency locked to reference clock within the PPM threshold.
  • 1’b0 – CDR is not frequency locked within the PPM threshold. Applicable to FGT PMA only

When lockedtodata stays high, the lockedtoref signal status is insignificant.

rx_is_lockedtodata[N-1:0] asynchronous output RX CDR data lock status signal.
  • 1’b0: CDR is not locked to data.
  • 1’b1: CDR is locked to data. Applicable to both FGT and FHT PMA.

When asserted, indicates that the CDR is in locked-to-data mode. When continuously asserted and does not switch between asserted and deasserted, you can confirm that the CDR is actually locked to data.

fgt_rx_set_locktoref[N-1:0] asynchronous input

1'b1: keep CDR in manual mode.

1'b0: keep CDR in auto mode.

fgt_rx_set_locktodata[N-1:0] asynchronous input This signal only functions when CDR is in manual mode and fgt_rx_set_locktoref is set to 1'b1.

1'b1: keep CDR in manual lock-to-data mode.

1'b0: keep CDR in manual lock-to-reference mode.

fgt_rx_cdr_freeze[N-1: 0] asynchronous input This port is used in GPON to freeze the CDR lock state during inactive time-slots.
  • 1'b1: Freeze the CDR
  • 1'b0: Unfreeze the CDR
fgt_rx_cdr_fast_freeze_sel[N-1: 0] asynchronous input

This port is used in GPON for CDR freeze signal select. For GPON mode, you must tie this signal to 1'b0.