F-Tile Architecture and PMA and FEC Direct PHY IP User Guide

ID 683872
Date 4/01/2024
Document Table of Contents FGT PMA Configuration Rules for SATA mode

For the SATA protocol mode, support for the following features is preliminary in both simulation and hardware:
  • PMA electrical idle feature
  • Squelch detect feature
  • Signal detect feature

The final support for these features is planned in a future version of the Quartus® Prime Pro Edition software.

You can implement the SATA protocol mode with the F-Tile PMA/FEC Direct PHY Intel® FPGA IP by following the steps shown below:
  1. In the General and Common Datapath Options:
    1. Select SATA for the FGT PMA configuration rules setting.
    2. Enable the Simplified TX data interface setting.
      • This step turns on the fgt_tx_pma_electricle idle port which is part of the protocol.
  2. In the TX Datapath Options:
    1. Enable the Enable Spread Spectrum clocking setting.
  3. In the RX Datapath Options:
    For SATA:
    1. Enable the Enable SATA squelch detection setting.
    2. Enable the Enable fgt_rx_signal_detect_lfps port setting for low frequency periodic signaling.
    3. Enable the Enable fgt_rx_signal_detect port setting for out of band signaling.