E-Tile Hard IP Intel Agilex® 7 Design Example User Guide: Ethernet, E-tile CPRI PHY and Dynamic Reconfiguration

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Date 8/08/2023
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4.2.5. 10GE/25GE Design Examples Registers

Table 30.   E-tile Ethernet IP for Intel Agilex® 7 FPGA Hardware Design Examples Register Map

Word Offset

Register Category

0x000000 – 0x000FFF Ethernet MAC and PCS registers
0x001000 – 0x001FFF Packet Generator and Checker registers
0x002000 – 0x002FFF PTP monitoring registers
0x010000 – 0x0107FF RS-FEC configuration registers
0x100000 – 0x1FFFFF Transceiver registers
Table 31.  Packet Client Registers You can customize the E-tile Ethernet IP for Intel Agilex® 7 FPGA hardware design example by programming the packet client registers.





HW Reset Value


0x1000 PKT_CL_SCRATCH [31:0] Scratch register available for testing. N/A RW
0x1001 PKT_CL_CLNT [31:0] Four characters of IP block identification string CLNT. N/A RO
0x1008 Packet Size Configure [29:0] Specify the transmit packet size in bytes. These bits have dependencies to PKT_GEN_TX_CTRL register.
  • Bit[29:11]: Reserved.
  • Bit[10:0]: These bits specify the transmit packet size in bytes.
0x25800040 RW
0x1009 Packet Number Control [31:0] Specify the number of packets to transmit from the packet generator. 0xA RW
0x1010 PKT_GEN_TX_CTRL [7:0]
  • Bit [0]: Reserved.
  • Bit [1]: Packet generator disable bit. Set this bit to the value of 1 to turn off the packet generator, and reset it to the value of 0 to turn on the packet generator.
  • Bit [2]: Reserved.
  • Bit [3]: Has the value of 1 if the IP core is in MAC loopback mode; has the value of 0 if the packet client uses the packet generator.
  • Bit [5:4]:
    • 00: Reserved
    • 01: Fixed mode
    • 10: Reserved
  • Bit [6]: Set this bit to 1 to use 0x1009 register to turn off packet generator based on a fixed number of packets to transmit. Otherwise, bit[1] of PKT_GEN_TX_CTRL register is used to turn off the packet generator.
  • Bit [7]
    • 1: For transmission without gap in between packets.
    • 0: For transmission with random gap in between packets.
0x6 RW
0x1011 Destination address lower 32 bits [31:0] Destination address (lower 32 bits). 0x56780ADD RW
0x1012 Destination address upper 16 bits [15:0] Destination address (upper 16 bits). 0x1234 RW
0x1013 Source address lower 32 bits [31:0] Source address (lower 32 bits). 0x43210ADD RW
0x1014 Source address upper 16 bits [15:0] Source address (upper 16 bits). 0x8765 RW
Note: In the 10G/25G Ethernet Design Example variant, the context CPRI PHY soft configuration register space does not refer to the CPRI PHY IP's register space.

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