Intel® FPGA Voltage Sensor IP Core User Guide

ID 683781
Date 2/09/2018
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3.2. Sample Storage Core

The sample storage core stores voltage samples. The control core passes the voltage samples to this core through the Avalon-ST interface. The on-chip RAM stores the voltage samples and you can retrieve them through the Avalon-MM slave. This core provides an option to generate an interrupt when it retrieves a block of voltage samples using one full round of the conversion sequence.

Figure 2. Sample Storage Core Block Diagram

You can parameterize the internal RAM as an on-chip memory or a register. For the memory type selection, it depends on your design resource utilization. For example, if your design uses many registers but lesser usage of the on-chip memory, you can write the voltage sensor data into the on-chip memory.

The core stores the sample on per slot basis instead of per channel basis. The sample storage core asserts interrupt request (IRQ) when it receives a complete block of samples. You can disable the IRQ assertion at run time. If you disable the IRQ assertion, the software must poll to know when the core receives a complete block of samples.

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