Intel® FPGA Voltage Sensor IP Core User Guide

ID 683781
Date 2/09/2018
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4.1. CSR Interface

The interface type is Avalon-MM slave.

Table 4.  CSR Interface
Signal Width Description
sample_store_csr_address 1 or 4

Avalon-MM address bus. The address bus is Word addressing.

  • The address width for altera_voltage_sensor_sample_store is 4.
  • The address width for altera_voltage_sensor_controller is 1.
sample_store_csr_read 1 Avalon-MM read request.
sample_store_csr_write 1 Avalon-MM write request.
sample_store_csr_writedata[31:0] 32 Avalon-MM write data bus.
sample_store_csr_readdata[31:0] 32 Avalon-MM read data bus.

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