HDMI Intel® Stratix 10 FPGA IP Design Example User Guide

ID 683701
Date 9/07/2022
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To program the encrypted HDCP production keys onto the EEPROM, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the key programmer design files from the following path to your working directory: <IP Root Directory>/hdcp2x/hw_demo/key_programmer/<Device Family Name>
  2. Copy the software header file (hdcp_key<Number>.h) generated from the KEYENC software utility (section Encrypt Single Key for Single EEPROM ) to the software/key_programmer_src/ directory and rename it as hdcp_key.h.
  3. Run ./runall.tcl. This script executes the following commands:
    • Generate IP catalog files
    • Generate the Platform Designer system
    • Create an Intel® Quartus® Prime project
    • Create a software workspace and build the software
    • Perform a full compilation
  4. Download the Software Object File (.sof) to the FPGA to program the encrypted HDCP production keys onto the EEPROM.
Generate the Stratix 10 HDMI RX-TX Retransmit design example with Support HDCP 2.3 and Support HDCP 1.4 parameters turned on, then follow the following step to include the HDCP protection key.