HDMI Intel® Stratix 10 FPGA IP Design Example User Guide

ID 683701
Date 9/07/2022

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3.2. Creating TX or RX Only Designs

For advance users, you can use the HDMI design to create a TX or RX only design.
To use RX or TX only components, remove the irrelevant blocks from the design
User Requirement Preserve Remove Add
  • TX Top
  • RX-TX Link
  • CPU Sub-System
  • Transceiver Arbiter
HDMI TX Only TX Top, CPU Sub-System
  • RX Top
  • RX-TX Link
  • Transceiver Arbiter
Video Pattern Generator

(custom module or generated from the Video and Image Processing (VIP) Suite)

Figure 23. Components Required for RX or TX Only Design
Note: If your design only requires HDMI TX or retransmitting HDMI stream from RX to TX through video frame buffer, supply the TX PLL reference clock directly from an external programmable oscillator.