Remote Update Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683695
Date 7/13/2021
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1.2.8. Generating Initial RSU Image

To convert .sof files to one .jic/.rpd files and to generate the initial RSU image, follow these steps:

On the File menu, click Convert Programming File and select the details as shown below:
  • Programming File type: JTAG Indirect Configuration File (.jic).
  • Configuration Device: <Select the Configuration Device used in your board>.
  • Mode: Select either Active Serial/Active Serial x4.
  • File_name: Set the file name and your desired location.
  • Optional:
    • Check the Create Memory File to generate the .map file
    • Check the Create config data RPD to generate the .rpd file
  • Flash loader: Click Add Device, select Arria 10 and choose the Device name used in your design
  • SOF DATA PAGE_0: click Add File and assign Factory image (.sof) to Page_0.
  • Click Add Sof Page to add SOF Data Page_1. You can add more SOF Data Page according to the number of application images in this initial RSU image.
  • SOF DATA PAGE_1: click Add File and select the application image file (.sof).
  • Setting Boot Page Selection for enabling the device to boot either from factory image or application image
    • To select the boot page, click the Option/Boot Info button in Convert Programming File.
    • In the Options window, select the page available from the Boot from page drop down menu.
    • By default, the page number will be set at Page_0.
    • To allow the FPGA to boot directly from application image (DTA), change the page number to Page_1 and so on.
  • Click Generate.
  • Click OK when the dialog box of .jic file successfully generated appears.

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