Arria® 10 FPGA Development Kit User Guide

ID 683526
Date 5/15/2024
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4.4.2. The System Info Tab

The System Info tab shows the board’s current configuration. The tab displays the contents of the MAX V registers, the JTAG chain, the board’s MAC address, the Qsys memory map, and other details stored on the board.
Figure 16. The System Info Tab
Table 14.  Controls on the System Info Tab
Controls Description
Board Information Controls The board information is updated once the GPIO design is configured. Otherwise, this control displays the default static information about your board.
Board Name Indicates the official name of the board, given by the Board Test System.
Board P/N Indicates the part number of the board.
Serial Number Indicates the serial number of the board.
Factory Test Version Indicates the version of the Board Test System currently running on the board.
MAC Indicates the MAC address of the board.
MAX V Control

Allows you to view and change the current register values, which take effect immediately:

System Reset (SRST) — Write only. Click to reset the FPGA.

Page Select Override (PSO) — Read/Write

Page Select Register (PSR) — Read/Write

Page Select Switch (PSS) — Read only

MAX Ver: Indicates the version of MAX V code currently running on the board.

JTAG Chain Shows all the devices currently in the JTAG chain.
Qsys Memory Map Shows the memory map of the Qsys system on your board.