Arria® 10 FPGA Development Kit User Guide

ID 683526
Date 5/15/2024
Document Table of Contents

6.8.2. Programming the Flash Using Quartus® Prime Programmer

You can use the Quartus® Prime Programmer to program the flash with your Programmer Object File (.pof).

Ensure the following conditions are met before you proceed:
  • The Quartus® Prime Programmer and the Intel® FPGA Download Cable II driver are installed on the host computer.
  • The micro-USB cable is connected to the FPGA development board.
  • Power to the board is on, and no other applications that use the JTAG chain are running.
  • The design running in the FPGA does not drive the FM bus.
Execute the steps below to program the Flash
  1. Start the Quartus® Prime Programmer.
  2. Click Auto Detect to display the devices in the JTAG chain.
  3. Select the flash attached to the MAX V and then click Change File and select the path to the desired .pof. If the flash is not detected, configure the FPGA with <package root directory>\examples\board_test_system\image\<Silicon Type>\dummy.sof and then go to step 2, refer to Configuring the FPGA Using Programmer.
  4. Turn on the Program/Configure option for the added file.
  5. Click Start to program the selected file to the flash. Programming is complete when the progress bar reaches 100%.

Attention: Using the Quartus® Prime Programmer to program a device on the board causes other JTAG-based applications such as the Board Test System and the Power Monitor to lose their connection to the board. Restart those applications after programming is complete.