Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Scripting

ID 683432
Date 12/13/2021

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Document Table of Contents adjust_pll_refclk (::quartus::eco)

The following table displays information for the adjust_pll_refclk Tcl command:

Tcl Package and Version

Belongs to ::quartus::eco

Syntax adjust_pll_refclk [-h | -help] [-long_help] -refclk <refclk_freq> -to <iopll_name>
Arguments -h | -help Short help
-long_help Long help with examples and possible return values
-refclk <refclk_freq> New refclk frequency value in MHz
-to <iopll_name> Instance name of upstream IOPLL to be adjusted

The adjust_pll_refclk command can change IOPLL frequencies by modifying the input reference clock frequency. Assumptions and Limitations: - The original refclk/outclk ratios will be maintained - None of the IOPLLs being reconfigured can generate IP clocks (the frequencies of the LVDS, PhyLite and EMIF clocks cannot change) - Cascaded IOPLLs must be connected directly (no clock gates in between them) - IOPLLs cannot be in 'nondedicated' compensation modes - For all IOPLL outclks duty cycle = 50 and phase shift = 0

Example Usage
    load_package eco
    adjust_pll_refclk -to "*pll_main*" -refclk 100
Return Value Code Name Code String Return
TCL_OK 0 INFO: Operation successful