Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Scripting

ID 683432
Date 12/13/2021

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Give Feedback device_lock (::quartus::jtag)

The following table displays information for the device_lock Tcl command:

Tcl Package and Version

Belongs to ::quartus::jtag

Syntax device_lock [-h | -help] [-long_help] -timeout <timeout>
Arguments -h | -help Short help
-long_help Long help with examples and possible return values
-timeout <timeout> The amount of time in millisecond to wait for the access to the device.
Obtain an exclusive JTAG communication to the device
		for the subsequent IR and DR shift operations. The
		device must be locked before any instruction and/or
		data register shift operation.

This should be used as little time as possible as it
		denies the access of other applications to this
		chain. The command, unlock, should be called as soon
		as possible to allow other applications to access the
Example Usage
# List all available programming hardwares, and select the USBBlaster.
# (Note: this example assumes only one USBBlaster connected.)
puts "Programming Hardwares:"
foreach hardware_name [get_hardware_names] {
	puts $hardware_name
	if { [string match "USB-Blaster*" $hardware_name] } {
		set usbblaster_name $hardware_name
puts "\nSelect JTAG chain connected to $usbblaster_name.\n";

# List all devices on t