Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Scripting

ID 683432
Date 12/13/2021

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Give Feedback get_registers (::quartus::sdc_ext)

The following table displays information for the get_registers Tcl command:

Tcl Package and Version

Belongs to ::quartus::sdc_ext

Syntax get_registers [-h | -help] [-long_help] [-latches] [-no_duplicates] [-nocase] [-nowarn] [ <filter> ]
Arguments -h | -help Short help
-long_help Long help with examples and possible return values
-latches Get only latches that match the filter
-no_duplicates Do not match duplicated register names
-nocase Specifies the matching of node names to be case-insensitive
-nowarn Do not issue warning messages about unmatched patterns
<filter> Valid destinations (string patterns are matched using Tcl string matching)
Returns a collection of registers in the design.

The default matching scheme returns not only registers
whose names match the specified filter, but also
returns registers duplicated from these registers
(cells automatically generated from these registers by
the Quartus Prime software). Use the -no_duplicates
option to exclude duplicated registers.

The filter f