Intel® Hyperflex™ Architecture High-Performance Design Handbook

ID 683353
Date 12/08/2023
Document Table of Contents

Answers to Top FAQs

Updated for:
Intel® Quartus® Prime Design Suite 23.4

What is the Hyperflex Architecture?

Hyperflex Introduction

What are the unique design concepts?

Hyperflex Design Concepts

How do I design for the Hyperflex architecture?

Hyperflex RTL Design Guidelines

How do I compile Hyperflex architecture designs?

Compiling Hyperflex Designs

Can you walk me through an example?

Design Example Walkthrough

What prevents register retiming?

Retiming Restrictions and Workarounds

Can you show an optimized example?

Optimization Example

How do I migrate my design for Hyperflex?

Intel Hyperflex Porting Guidelines