AN 556: Using the Design Security Features in Intel FPGAs

ID 683269
Date 5/21/2021
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Design Example Intel® Quartus® Prime Design Components

Table 20.   Intel® Quartus® Prime Design Components for the Arria V Device
Component Function and Description
JTAG_Lock_Unlock.bdf The top entity of the reference design.
JTAG_Lock_Unlock_wysiwyg.v The Verilog code for the Arria V device WYSIWYG atom instantiation. You need to modify this code according to Table 18 for compliance with other 28-nm FPGAs.
ALTINT_OSC.v A IP core instantiation of an internal oscillator clock source. In this reference design, the clock source from the internal oscillator is used to drive the user logic to eliminate the need of an external clock source.
User_logic_control_block.v An example Verilog file that executes JTAG instructions using Arria V device WYSIWYG atom. You can modify this code to fit your design requirements and restrictions, or replace this code with another similar implementation.
Pulse_nconfig.jam Use this JAM file to execute the PULSE_NCONFIG JTAG instruction to verify the JTAG secure mode as shown in Verifying JTAG Secure Mode. This file is optional and can be replaced with other methods to verify the JTAG secure mode.