50G Interlaken MegaCore Function User Guide

ID 683217
Date 9/20/2022

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1.5. Device Speed Grade Support

Table 5.  Minimum Recommended FPGA Fabric Speed Grades 

For each device family the 50G Interlaken IP core supports, Altera recommends that you configure the 50G Interlaken IP core only in the FPGA fabric speed grades listed in the table, and any faster (lower numbered) FPGA fabric speed grades that are available. Altera does not support configuration of this IP core in slower speed grades.

Device Family

Minimum Supported Speed Grade

Arria 10

I2, E2

Arria V GZ

I3, C3

Stratix V GX

I3, C3

Stratix V GT

I3, C3

Stratix V GS

I3, C3