Nios® II Flash Programmer User Guide

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Date 11/06/2017
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B.4.2. Suggested Actions

  • If you are using quartus_pgm --nios2 from the command line, you must specify the correct base address for the CFI device. You can find the flash memory's base address in Platform Designer.
  • Run quartus_pgm --nios2 from the command line with the --debug parameter. This command dumps the flash memory's query table. Compare the output with the flash memory device's data sheet. For more information, refer to the "Using the Flash Programmer from the Command Line".
  • Ensure your flash memory hardware is correctly connected to place it at the base address specified in Platform Designer. Verify the base address by running the "Test Flash" routine in the "Memory Test" software template provided in the Nios II EDS. If the test fails, there is a problem with your memory connection. There are two places to look for the problem:
    • The physical connection on your target board
    • The pin assignments on the top-level FPGA design
  • If all else fails, ensure the flash memory device you are using does not require an override file. For more information, refer to Appendix A, Non-Standard Flash Memories.