Nios® II Flash Programmer User Guide

ID 683118
Date 11/06/2017
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A.3. Width Mode Override Parameter

The override procedure described in the “Flash Override Files” chapter assumes the Nios® II Flash Programmer detects the correct data-width mode from the CFI query table. In some cases, a 16-bit CFI flash memory device wired in 8-bit mode might return a query table indicating 16-bit mode. This condition prevents the flash programmer from correctly interpreting the remainder of the query table. The flash programmer cannot detect this situation, because the device type is unreadable. If your flash memory device has this problem, you must program it from the command line.

In this case, override the data width on the command line with the hidden parameter --width=8.

This parameter is known to be necessary for only two flash memory devices: the ST Micro ST29W800 and ST29W640. Unless you are using these devices, you are unlikely to require this parameter.