Nios® II Flash Programmer User Guide

ID 683118
Date 11/06/2017
Document Table of Contents

2. Using the Flash Programmer GUI

Note: The GUI uses the legacy nios2-flash-programmer tool instead of quartus_pgm --nios 2. Intel recommends you to use the Quartus Prime Programmer.
The Nios® II Flash Programmer GUI, available in Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition, is an easy-to-use graphical interface that allows you to:
  • automate the process of programming flash memory.
  • control the programming parameters
  • program any combination of software, hardware, and binary data in flash memory in one operation.
  • generate flash files for your future use, and store them without programming the flash memory. Generating flash files or programming flash memory from the flash programmer GUI generates a script for future use from the command line.

You start the Nios® II Flash Programmer GUI from the Nios® II SBT for Eclipse or from the command line.

Alternatively, you can use the flash programmer from the command line. Using the Flash Programmer from the Command Line chapter describes the flash programmer command-line utilities.

Note: It is recommended that you use the Nios® II Flash Programmer GUI to generate automated scripts, and use the scripts to automate the Nios II flash programming process.