Nios® II Flash Programmer User Guide

ID 683118
Date 11/06/2017
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A.2.1. Flash Override File Format

Flash override files contain two sections for each flash memory they override. The first section declares the flash memory type. The second section is the CFI table override data. The flash override file can contain comments preceded by a '#' character.

For example, the SST 39VF800 flash memory contains three incorrect entries in its CFI table at location 0x13, 0x14, and 0x2C. The following example demonstrates how to override the values at those addresses.
[FLASH-00BF-2781] # Keyword FLASH, followed by the Mfgr ID and Device ID
# These ID values can be found in three ways:
# -by consulting the flash memory device's data sheet.
# -by using the "autoselect" command
# -by running quartus_pgm --nios2 --debug
CFI[0x13] = 0x02 # The primary command set, found at CFI table -
CFI[0x14] = 0x00 # addresses 0x13 and 0x14 are overridden to
# 0x02, 0x00.
CFI[0x2C] = 0x01 # The number of CFI Erase block regions, found at
# CFI table –address 0x2C is overridden to 0x1.
Note: This example is for illustration only. quartus_pgm --nios2 recognizes the SST 39VF800 as a nonstandard CFI device and overrides its CFI table. You do not need to create an override file for this particular part.