AN 705: Scalable 10G Ethernet MAC using 1G/10G PHY

ID 683066
Date 5/13/2016
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1.6.4. IP Regeneration

Regeneration of IP files is required when upgrading to a new version of ACDS. This process involves 2 different tools: Qsys and Megawizard. The following table shows the IPs that need regeneration and the tools involved.
Table 5.  List of IPs Require Regeneration
IP Tools IP File Locations
address_decoder_channel Qsys ADDRESS_DECODER/address_decoder_channel.qsys
address_decoder_multi_channel Qsys ADDRESS_DECODER/address_decoder_multi_channel.qsys
address_decoder_top Qsys ADDRESS_DECODER/address_decoder_top.qsys
altera_eth_1588_tod1 Qsys altera_eth_1588_tod/altera_eth_1588_tod.qsys
altera_eth_1588_tod_synchronizer 1 Qsys altera_eth_1588_tod_synchronizer/ altera_eth_1588_tod_synchronizer.qsys
altera_eth_packet_classifier1 Qsys altera_eth_packet_classifier/ altera_eth_packet_classifier.qsys
altera_eth_10g_mac Megawizard
  • Without IEEE 1588v2: MAC/altera_eth_10g_mac.v
  • With IEEE 1588v2: MAC_W_1588/altera_eth_10g_mac.v
altera_eth_10gkr_phy Megawizard
  • Without IEEE 1588v2: PHY/altera_eth_10gkr_phy.v
  • With IEEE 1588v2: PHY_W_1588/altera_eth_10gkr_phy.v
altera_xcvr_reset_controller Megawizard XCVR_RESET_CONTROLLER/altera_xcvr_reset_controller.v
reconfig Megawizard RECONFIG/reconfig.v
pll Megawizard PLL/pll.v
pll_2 1 Megawizard PLL/pll_2.v

Launch the tool and open the IP files listed in the table to regenerate the IP.

1 This IP is only available for design example with IEEE 1588v2.