AN 705: Scalable 10G Ethernet MAC using 1G/10G PHY

ID 683066
Date 5/13/2016
Document Table of Contents Using ModelSim Simulator

Follow these steps if you choose to use the ModelSim simulator to simulate the testbench designs:

  1. Change the directory.
    • For design example without IEEE 1588v2, change directory to /altera_eth_1g10g_lineside/testbench/<Modelsim>/testcase<n>
    • For design example with IEEE 1588v2, change directory to /altera_eth_1g10g_lineside_w_1588/testbench/<Modelsim>/testcase<n>.
  2. Launch Modelsim, and run do tb_run.tcl to set up the required libraries, to compile the generated IP functional simulation model, and to exercise the simulation model with the provided testbench.

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