Intel® High Level Synthesis Accelerator Functional Unit Design Example User Guide

ID 683025
Date 7/19/2019
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5.1. Platform Designer Opens with an Error

If you open the Platform Designer system, you might see the following error when you try to generate your system: Error: Failed to retrieve source files from Quartus project, manually re-run the commands included in …/quartus_sh_tcl_file_for_qsyspro.tcl in Quartus tcl shell.

You can ignore this error if you delete the files generated by Platform Designer, as they regenerate when you generate the ASE testbench and when you compile the AF bitstream.

The qsys-edit command might not work if your $PATH environment variable does not include the path to Platform Designer.

You can also avoid these errors by opening the temporary Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition project you create in Changing Components in the HLD AFU Design Example using Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition 17.1.1, and then opening Platform Designer using the Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition GUI (instead of using qsys-edit from the command line).