Intel® High Level Synthesis Accelerator Functional Unit Design Example User Guide

ID 683025
Date 7/19/2019
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5.2. The design unit was not found Error When Running the make sim Command

These types of errors commonly occur with your HLS AFU design when you incorrectly specify your filelist.txt. Ensure that the IPs and folders listed in filelist.txt match the structure of your project. Pay attention to the names of the IP files, as sometimes Platform Designer renames the IPs it uses. These errors may also occur if you added the HLS-generated IPs to the Intel® Quartus® Prime project-level search path instead of the global search path.
# Loading work.hls_afu_container_afu_id_Avalon-MM_slave_0
# Loading work.afu_id_Avalon-MM_slave
# Loading work.hls_afu_container_clock_in
# ** Error: (vsim-3033) /home/john/hls_afu/hls_afu/build_ase_dir/qsys_sim/qsys_0/hls_afu_container/synth/hls_afu_container.v(136): Instantiation of 'fpVectorReduce_ac_int' failed. The design unit was not found.
#    Time: 0 ns  Iteration: 0  Instance: /ase_top/platform_shim_ccip_std_afu/ccip_std_afu/afu_inst/u0 File: /home/john/hls_afu/hls_afu/build_ase_dir/qsys_sim/qsys_0/hls_afu_container/synth/hls_afu_container.v
#         Searched libraries:
#             /home/john/hls_afu/hls_afu/build_ase_dir/work/work
# Loading work.hls_afu_container_mm_bridge_0
# Loading work.altera_Avalon_mm_bridge
# Loading work.hls_afu_container_mm_bridge_1
# Loading work.hls_afu_container_reset_in